We love CLE…and beyond.

Operated as a social enterprise of the Cleveland-based nonprofit organization, Building Hope in the City, Common Threads is a business where doing right matters as much to us as our bottom line.

Employment as a new start

Some of our Associates are individuals served by the faith-based ministries of the Cleveland-based nonprofit Building Hope in the City, including refugee and immigrant welcome efforts, poverty alleviation programs, new church plants in urban neighborhoods, and more.

For some, Common Threads is their first-ever experience with the world of work. For others, we are a needed on-ramp to employment following a challenging season of life.

In every case and for every employee, Common Threads seeks to be stimulating place where people find common ground in excellent team-based work, the giving and receiving of dignity, and running the best thrift store in Cleveland!

Building Hope in the City

Net proceeds from Common Threads benefit Building Hope in the City, a Cleveland faith-based nonprofit with a mission to “Advance the good of the city. Magnify the mission of Jesus. Unleash the capability of underestimated people.” The organization has four main areas of service including:

  1. Church Planting and Leader Development – cultivating new and expanded approaches to urban ministry by developing volunteers and indigenous faith leaders for and with city congregations.
  2. Refugee and Immigrant Ministry – leading the Church’s welcome of these newcomers, including efforts that share God’s love with them so that they can flourish in our community and contribute meaningfully to its vitality.
  3. Housing & Community Development – partnering with residents in Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton and Stockyards neighborhoods to restore blighted properties, create affordable housing, lead community development initiatives and collaborate with non-profits and churches for Kingdom impact.
  4. Social Enterprise – pioneering for-profit business ventures whose primary purpose is the common good of the city, the advancement of God’s Kingdom and creating employment so that the people Building Hope in the City serves reach their fullest, God-given potential.

Learn more about Building Hope in the City here

Protecting our environment

Not everything we receive as donations can be stocked for resale, which is why our community and corporate partnerships are critical to operations and the best possible stewardship of God’s creation. We manage unusable donations responsibly with an eye toward diverting reusable items from landfills.

  • Free Clothing Ministries – When we are overstocked or are out of storage space, we route wearable clothing to the Clothing Ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church and Twice Blessed), which provides these items to people in crisis free of charge.
  • Fabric/Clothing Recycling – Torn, soiled and unwearable clothing is sold to vetted recycling partners. These sales create added income for our efforts.
  • Metal/Glass Recycling – Our program for recycling these materials is still under development. Check back for details soon.