A vision for merging marketplace and ministry.

We may not be the biggest resale game in town, but Common Threads seeks to be your first choice when it comes to thrift. With a combination of great merchandise, engaging store design and inspiring Associates – all being driven by a local nonprofit that’s helping rebuild urban Cleveland – we’re bound to become BFFs. That’s our hope, at least!

When we begin with the things that we have in common, minor miracles, such as forging partnerships and improving our community and world, begin to happen.

We all have and need clothing.

It’s the majority of our inventory and, in our business model, is literally the first “common thread” we can all share.

We all believe in people.

From enthusiastic customers and donors, to the spirited local entrepreneurs featured in Lydia’s Corner and our incredible team of Associates, people are what give Common Threads its personality and drive…and they are at the very heart of God himself.

We’ve all witnessed the transforming efforts of faith.

Common Threads exists to witness to the power of faith in Jesus to transform the marketplace, our city and the world.